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    Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel

    Opus Nasal Mask (FitPack)


    With the Opus Nasal Mask, it's all about comfort. Its slender design allows you to sleep in several positions as it adapts naturally to the contour of your face. You can also move freely without waking up, thanks to its 360-degree swivel connection and very quiet operation.

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    Product details

    Key features

    Snug and comfortable

    • Its streamlined headgear follows the contours of your face and adapts naturally to it.
    • Its silicone nasal pillows fit snugly without sticking and don’t touch your upper lip.
    • The frosted smooth textured nasal pillows and reinforced headgear provide excellent stability with an effective seal.

    Wide freedom of movement

    • Its slender design allows you to sleep in almost any position without the mask moving.
    • Tubing can be attached above, to the right or left of your head with the swivel connection, which can either hold the tubing firmly in place or allow for 360-degree rotation.

    Easy to use, easy to clean

    • The innovative strap system makes it easy to detach the headgear in a single gesture, making it easy to put on and clean.

    Ultra quiet to help you sleep

    • It operates silently and minimizes the amount of ventilation you feel in front of your face.

    Product specifications

    FeaturesMinimalist, Beard