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    Resmed AirSense 11 Autoset


    The AirSense 11 offers you effective therapy modes combined with enhanced digital health technology. You'll enjoy the ease of use, the comfort of sleep apnea treatment, and the many myAir features to get you started and keep you going throughout your treatment.

    Included with your purchase: built-in humidifier, ClimateLine Air heated tubing, built-in cellular modem*, carrying bag and filter.

    * Memory card not included. The memory card is only useful for physical data storage. Its absence does not prevent the transmission of data remotely on our clinical platforms. It is possible to consult your treatment usage directly on your device and via myAir.

    The support service included with your purchase includes:

    • Programming of your device according to your prescription
    • Personalized digital pathway including an accompanying video
    • Access to online tools on our sleep support page
    • Remote or in-person consultation with a respiratory therapist
    • Evaluation and update of your prescription
    • Download and transmission of your therapeutic adherence reports
    • On-treatment nocturnal saturometry (measurement of blood oxygen levels with your CPAP treatment) - Prescription required
    • 3-year manufacturer's warranty with the possibility of adding a 2-year Biron extended warranty on the unit and humidifier (notice on legal warranty).

    CPAPology Good Night Kit


    The Good Night kit contains several products designed to increase your comfort and facilitate the maintenance of your equipment.

    • Black Knight GLO silicon mat provides greater stability for your device on your bedside table and reduces vibrations.
    • AeroMate moisturizing cream protects and moisturizes your skin, may help reduce air leakage.
    • Monty CPAP tubing brush gently cleans the inside of your tubing and limits bacterial proliferation.
    • EZ-PEAZY travel-size cleansing wipes (3 packs of 10) are handy for when you're on the move.
    • Joey insulating cover improves the insulation and protect ion of your tubing, and limits the noise caused by friction.