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    Manufacturer: Resmed

    Airfit F30i fullface mask

    • Minimal-contact mask designed to keep air tubing out of sight
    • Top-of-head connection allows you to sleep in any position
    • Intuitive and easy to reassemble after cleaning thanks to its magnetic clips, quick-release elbow and simple design
    Mouth breathing

    Product details


    • Its design clears your field of vision so that you can wear glasses for reading.

    Freedom of movement

    • The tubing connection is above your head, not in front of it. This gives you greater freedom of movement.



    • Its ultra-compact cushion fits comfortably under the nose, eliminating any pressure, irritation or red marks on the nasal bridge.


    Easy to use

    • Its quick-release elbow allows the tubing to be disconnected easily without removing the mask.
    • Thanks to its magnetic clips, you can quickly put on or take off your mask with just two snaps.


    • Its innovative design ensures a durable seal throughout the night.

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    Product specifications

    FeaturesQuiet, Minimalist, Freedom, Mouth breathing
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