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    Manufacturer: Philips Respironics

    Updated Dreamwear headgear

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    DreamWear headgear with arms is the latest innovation from Philips Respironics. With its slip-resistant design, users reported an improved mask stability, fit and seal. Compatible with Dreamwear under-the-nose and nasal pillows.

    Product details

    Sleep the way you dream about

    DreamWear headgear with arms is designed for a more satisfied quality of sleep. A majority of gel pillows1 and nasal users2 surveyed stated that they were more satisfied with the quality of their sleep with the DreamWear mask with the updated headgear.

    Stability throughout the night

    Stability throughout the night

    With an innovative design, DreamWear headgear with arms helps reduce slippage by delivering additional stability as you sleep. The headgear arms work like eyeglass arms, helping reduce mask and headgear movement when being used. And, we can prove it. 85% of DreamWear gel pillows1 and 88% of DreamWear nasal users2 said our masks with the updated headgear were more stable than the original headgear.

    Exceptional fit and seal

    Exceptional fit and seal

    The redesigned DreamWear headgear, now with arms, designed to reduce leaks and deliver performance. DreamWear gel pillows1 and nasal users2 said that they were more satisfied with the fit & seal** of the DreamWear mask with the updated headgear than their prescribed mask.


    Polyurethane foam, Nylon, Spandex, Thermoplastic elastomer.

    Product specifications

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    Dreamwear nasal cushions


    The DreamWear nasal cushion is designed to fit the innovative under-the-nose design of the DreamWear mask, providing an effective but comfortable seal, with minimal contact that prevents red marks.

    DreamWear Nasal Mask with improved headgear (Fitpack)

    $115.00 $195.00
    Sensitive skin

    The DreamWear Nasal Mask, with its improved headgear, has minimal contact with your skin and feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. This mask offers more freedom of movement, thanks to its top of the head connection, flexible silicone frame and 360-degree rotary connection. It also comes with very comfortable, airtight and stable nasal cushions.

    • Includes two frame sizes: small (S) and standard (STD)
    • Includes two pillow sizes: small (S) and medium (M)
    • Includes 2 fabric covers to enhance frame comfort

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    • Free consultation with a professional is available upon request
    • Possibility of exchanging your mask within 30 days of purchase during a consultation
    • Possibility of exchanging your mask within 90 days of purchase if purchased with a device
    • This option is recommended for first-time buyers of this model


    • 75$ consutlation fee for all mask-related problems
    • No exchange possible
    • This option is recommended for users who have already purchased this mask model

    This product is only refundable if it remains unopened. For more information, please read our terms and conditions for online purchases. 

    Dreamstation hypoallergenic filter by Respironics


    This hypoallergenic filter should be changed every 6 months to ensure better efficiency of your unit. A dusty filter can overheat the unit's motor, produce disturbing noises and even affect the treatment by reducing the air pressure.

    To cover your annual needs of 2 filters, we offer the purchase of a 2-pack.

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