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    Manufacturer: Resmed

    Swift FX Nasal Pillow Mask


    The Swift FX Nasal Pillow Mask gives you a wonderful sense of freedom because it doesn’t restrict your movement during sleep. Easy to adjust and use, The Swift FX provides stable treatment at multiple pressure levels.

    Includes three sizes: small (S), medium (M), large (L)

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    Product details

    Key features


    Discrete design

    Only a small part of your face is covered.

    Extremely comfortable

    The mask fits comfortably, without leaving marks on your face.

    Excellent seal at all pressure levels

    Provides an excellent seal, regardless of the required pressure level.

    Wide freedom of movement

    • Its dual-walled pillows and flexible base maintain an airtight seal without limiting your movement.
    • Perfect for people who sleep on their side.

    Product specifications

    FeaturesMinimalist, Beard