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    Manufacturer: Itamar Medical

    Home diagnostic test for sleep apnea


    The WatchPAT ONE and Biron care are the essential pillars for accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

    Our personalized support program ensures comprehensive assistance from your first contact. We are here to guide you through the diagnostic process and help you find the best treatment options in collaboration with your doctor. Our commitment is to help you sleep better for a healthier life.

    At Biron, you get much more than just a diagnostic test!

    • Complete interpretation report issued by a sleep specialist, including recommendations to guide your doctor on the next steps.
    • Results available within 10 to 15 business days.
    • Personalized support program including a “Better Understand Your Sleep” consultation with a respiratory therapist and/or a certified sleep care clinician following your test. This program aims to support each patient throughout their journey, from diagnosing a sleep disorder to optimizing care.
    • Option to book a consultation with a sleep medicine specialist following your doctor’s referral.

    The WatchPat ONE device is designed for single use and includes an eco-friendly recovery program. You will receive a return label via Canada Post for easy return. The setup is simple with the downloadable WatchPAT ONE app on your phone (Apple App Store or Google Play Android). With clear instructions and minimal sensors, you can enjoy a comfortable night. The recorded data is automatically transferred via your phone at the end of the recording.

    IMPORTANT : before proceeding with your order, please read and sign the sleep test consent.
    The consent link will open a new tab in your browser. Once you have signed the consent form, return to this page to complete your order.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR OUR ONTARIO CUSTOMERS: although the WatchPat provides a diagnosis of sleep apnea recognized by learned societies, including the AASM, it is not recognized by the province of Ontario. You will not be reimbursed for this test. In addition, to obtain the government's contribution towards the purchase of a CPAP device, you must obtain your diagnosis from an IHF (Independent Health Facilities) licensed laboratory.

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