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    Manufacturer: Philips Respironics

    Reusable water chambre for Respironics System One Serie 60

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    Contour Cleaning Wipes citrus scented (72 wipes)

    Make it easy to clean your equipment every day, to maintain the seal of the mask. Thoroughly remove dirt, grease, body oils and other organic residue. Unscented or citrus-scented. Natural ingredients, without alcohol or chlorine. *This product is neither refundable nor exchangeable.

    Purdoux CPAP hose brush

    The CPAP Hose Brush is designed to gently clean your CPAP tubing to prevent moisture build up and the risk of growing mold or algae.

    Filtres standards pour CPAP série M System One (pq/2) par Respironics

    Le filtre standard est vendu avec votre appareil à PPC. Ce filtre doit être changé tous les 6 mois pour assurer une meilleure efficacité de votre appareil.

    Fitpack Swift FX nasal pillows mask

    • Great feeling of freedom
    • Stable treatment for multiple pressure levels
    • Easy to adjust and use
    • Does not restrict movement
    • Sizes included: Small, Medium, Large

    CPAP standard performance hose 6 foot (22mm) by Respironics

    The standard tube is connecting your mask to the CPAP unit. It is recommended to change it once a year.