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    Manufacturer: Resmed

    Quattro FX full face mask

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    The Quattro FX Face Mask is compact, lightweight, easy to put on, and starts midway on the bridge of your nose so you benefit from a clear line of vision.

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    Mouth breathing

    Product details

    Key features

    Extremely comfortable

    • The dual-walled Spring Air cushion rests gently on the lower part of the bridge of your nose and provides an excellent seal.
    • Contact with your face is reduced, limiting the risk of skin irritation.
    • No need for forehead support thanks to its spring frame.

    Very practical

    • The flexible frame allows you to perform a wide range of movements while maintaining mask stability.
    • Its unique headgear clears your field of vision, allowing you to read or work on a laptop, for example.

    Easy to use

    • The mask fits quickly with limited points of adjustment and Set and Forget headgear, which retains its optimal settings.
    • Its 360-degree rotary connector allows the mask to be disconnected easily from the tubing if you need to get up during the night.

    Ultra quiet to help you sleep

    • Its built-in vents gently direct exhaled air away from you and your partner.

    Designed for women option

    • The Quattro FX Face Mask for Her comes in a range of smaller sizes.

    Product specifications

    FeaturesMouth breathing