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    AirFit P10 nasal pillows mask (Fitpack)

    $139.00 $195.00
    Quiet: the sound is barely noticeable. Minimal facial contact, providing a sense of freedom. Flexible, ultra-lightweight and durable headgear design. Easy to put on and take off.

    Standard includes: Small, Medium & Large nasal pillows.

    For Her includes: X-Small, Small, Medium nasal pillows.

    Airfit P30i Nasal Pillow Mask

    $139.00 $195.00
    • Top-of-the-head tube for greater freedom of movement
    • Diffused venting system limits noise and disturbances
    • Customized adjustment thanks to a structure that adapts to your head
    • Design that leaves the face clear, allowing you to wear glasses

    Brevida nasal pillows mask

    $139.00 $195.00
    Includes an inflatable system to ensure an unparalleled airtight seal. Adjusts to your body shape and is comfortable. Quiet operation thanks to a diffuser that reduces noise and air draft. More intuitive to use thanks to blue highlights on key components.

    Airmini P10 Starter Kit (P10 mask included)

    This kit includes these components:
    • One (1) Airmini P10 Mask & connector
    • One (1) Airmini flexible tubing
    • One (1) HumidX and one (1) HumidX Plus waterless humidifer

    Fitpack Swift FX nasal pillows mask

    $139.00 $195.00
    • Great feeling of freedom
    • Stable treatment for multiple pressure levels
    • Easy to adjust and use
    • Does not restrict movement
    • Sizes included: Small, Medium, Large

    Pilairo Q nasal pillows mask

    $139.00 $195.00
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Quiet operation and reduced airflow
    • Clears the field of vision
    • Provides freedom of movement


    Respiratory therapist's tip

    If you never used the Pilairo Q mask before, I recommended the Brevida mask by Fisher & Paykel, which is considered to be a newer version.

    DreamWear gel pillows mask

    $139.00 $195.00
    Minimal contact with the skin, as if you were not wearing anything at all. Greater freedom of movement thanks to the tube connection at the top of the head. Equipped with very comfortable, airtight and stable gel pillow cushions. Flexible silicone frame and 360° rotary connection.

    Package includes : one standard frame and three nasal cushions (small, medium & large).

    Fitpack Swift LT nasal pillows (fitpack)

    $139.00 $195.00
    • Provides stability and freedom of movement
    • Easy to adjust and clean
    • Lightweight, comfortable and airtight
    • Perfect for those who sleep on their side
    • Sizes included: Small, Medium, Large.

    Fitpack Swift LT for Her nasal pillows (fitpack)

    $139.00 $195.00
    • Offre stabilité et liberté de mouvement
    • Facile à ajuster et à nettoyer
    • Léger, confortable et étanche
    • Parfait pour ceux et celles qui dorment sur le côté
    • Size included: X-Small, Small, Medium.

    Opus nasal pillows mask (fitpack)

    $139.00 $195.00
    • Slim design allows you to sleep in several positions
    • Freedom of movement thanks to a 360-degreepivoting elbow
    • Adjusts naturally to the contour of the face
    • Very quiet operation

    Nuance Pro nasal pillows mask (fitpack)

    $139.00 $195.00
    • Comfortable thanks to its gel pillows
    • Stable because of its non-slip headgear
    • Very lightweight, quiet and airtight
    • Clear field of vision, for a greater sense of freedom
    • Three (3) nasal pillows size included: Small, Medium, Large.

    Nasal pillows

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