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Philips Sleep Apnea Device Recall - Click here for details Philips Sleep Apnea Device Recall - Click here for details

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    Manufacturer: Resmed

    Mirage FX Nasal Mask


    Extremely comfortable, lightweight, and efficient, the Mirage FX Nasal Mask allows greater freedom of movement. It’s easy and intuitive to put on, and it directs airflow evenly and quietly.


    Product details

    Key features

    Treats you gently

    • The dual-walled Spring Air cushion rests gently on the bridge of your nose and ensures an even distribution of pressure.
    • The ultra-soft forehead support reduces contact with the skin.
    • Its lightweight, contoured SoftEdge headgear adds to the support.

    Wide freedom of movement

    • It’s quick-release connection lets you move about and reconnect the device without removing your mask.
    • The frame is stiff enough to keep the mask secure against your face and yet flexible enough to cushion your movements while you sleep.

    Very practical

    • Consisting of only four parts, the mask is very easy to use, clean and reassemble.
    • It adjusts intuitively and fits perfectly on just about anyone the first time.

    Ultra quiet to help you sleep

    • The distribution of the vent holes diffuses the air quietly, so you and your partner can sleep soundly.

    Product specifications