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    Manufacturer: CPAPology

    Houdini Tube Support System (Special Offer*)

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    Tube support system offers ample freedom of movement during the night. Less leakage caused by tension in the tube . Mask exerts less pressure on the face. Telescopic stem folds down when not in use. Easy assembly.

    * This product is part of a promotion. See The Essentials product sheet for more information.

    Availability: Out of stock (the date of return to inventory is undetermined)

    Product details

    More freedom

    • Allows you to hang the tube above your bed and move freely during the night.
    • Saves you from having to wake up to adjust the mask or untangle the tube, and from disturbing your sleeping partner.

    More comfort

    • Reduces leakage caused by tension in the tube.
    • Reduces mask pressure on the face by keeping the tube elevated.

    More practical

    • Telescopic rod folds down and hides behind the pillow when not in use.
    • Adjusts to fit a wide variety of mattresses.
    • Easy to assemble

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