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    Manufacturer: CPAPology

    CPAPology Joey Tube Clips

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    CPAPology's Joey Tubing Clips have a clip that attaches to clothing, bedding or other soft surfaces to restrict tubing movement when you move.

    Product details

    Package contains three (3) Tubing Clips

    Product specifications

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    Purdoux CPAP mask & hose soap 250 mL (citrus)


    The Purdoux soap is designed to gently clean the silicone of your mask while preserving its flexibility. It does not contain harmful chemicals. Its citrus scent effectively neutralizes odors.

    This product must be ordered in multiples of three (3). Get an instant discount of :

    • 10% with the purchase of three (3) or more
    • 15% with the purchase of six (6) or more
    • 20% with the purchase of twelve (12) or more

    Joey CPAP Hose Cover


    CPAPology's Joey insulation cover helps reduce the risk of condensation inside the tubing. When air from a heated humidifier cools on its way to the mask, water can form in the tubing and splash onto the face overnight. By keeping the tubing warm, the cover eliminates this unpleasant feeling.

    • Length of 198 cm (6'6")
    • Soft brushed cotton material for added comfort
    • Easy installation with drawstring closures on both ends
    • Fits tubing from 183 to 198 cm (72 to 78 in.)
    • Compatible with all tubing models

    Air10 ClimateLineAir heated tube 6 foot (15mm) by Resmed


    The ClimateLineAir heated tube helps virtually eliminate rainout and deliver optimal temperature and humidity levels to the mask and is compatible with all Air10 technologies: AirSense 10, AirCurve10 and Lumis.

    Get 10% off with the promo code TRIO3 when you purchase this tubing, a water chamber and filters. All 3 items must be in your cart for the promotion to be active.