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    Morpheus Deluxe Chinstrap

    $25.50 $34.00

    The Morpheus Deluxe chin guard is intended for patients who wear a nasal or nostril mask and have difficulty keeping their mouth closed. Strong and comfortable, the Morpheus Deluxe chin guard helps keep the mouth closed and alleviate the discomfort associated with dry mouth. Available in 2 sizes.

    CPAPology Joey Travel Bag


    The Joey Carrying Case from CPAPology allows for easy storage of CPAP accessories such as mask, headgear and tubing. This quality pouch is ideal for taking your accessories on the road without damaging them.

    CPAPology EZ-Peazy CPAP Wipes

    $7.00 $9.00

    CPAPology EZ-Peazy wipes contain natural ingredients like aloe vera to provide effective daily cleaning of your CPAP mask and CPAP equipment. Avoid the unpleasant odors caused by a poorly maintained CPAP mask.

    This product must be ordered in multiples of three (minimum purchase of 3 units). Get an instant discount of :

    • 10% with the purchase of three (3) or more
    • 15% with the purchase of six (6) or more
    • 20% with the purchase of twelve (12) or more

    CPAPology Joey Tube Clips


    CPAPology's Joey Tubing Clips have a clip that attaches to clothing, bedding or other soft surfaces to restrict tubing movement when you move.

    CPAPology Monty Elite Tube Brush


    The Monty Elite tubing brush makes cleaning your tubing simple and effective. Constructed of stainless steel, the Monty Elite is flexible and can be rolled up for easy storage. It effectively removes debris with its soft cotton tip and nylon bristles.


    • Soft cotton tip and nylon bristles
    • Coated stainless steel construction is flexible yet strong
    • 7 foot length, rolls up for easy storage
    • Available in 17 mm diameter

    Starter pack


    The starter kit is designed to make life easier for patients using a CPAP sleep apnea treatment device. These convenient accessories offer a complete solution to improve your sleep and make your treatment easier to use.

    • Tube holder: increases comfort and stability of the mask, decreases the risk of air leaks
    • Protective mat: stabilizes the CPAP device, protects your bedside table in case of water leakage, reduces sound vibrations
    • Transport pouch: protects your equipment and facilitates transport