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    Houdini Tube Support System (Special Offer*)


    Tube support system offers ample freedom of movement during the night. Less leakage caused by tension in the tube . Mask exerts less pressure on the face. Telescopic stem folds down when not in use. Easy assembly.

    * This product is part of a promotion. See The Essentials product sheet for more information.

    Morpheus Deluxe Chinstrap


    The Morpheus Deluxe chin guard is intended for patients who wear a nasal or nostril mask and have difficulty keeping their mouth closed. Strong and comfortable, the Morpheus Deluxe chin guard helps keep the mouth closed and alleviate the discomfort associated with dry mouth. Available in 2 sizes.

    CPAPology Joey Travel Bag


    The Joey Carrying Case from CPAPology allows for easy storage of CPAP accessories such as mask, headgear and tubing. This quality pouch is ideal for taking your accessories on the road without damaging them.

    CPAPology Jack CPAP Tube & Mask Lift


    The Joey Mask and Tubing Wall Mount from CPAPology mounts to most surfaces with a unique suction cup system that can be removed and repositioned. Once the suction cup is attached to the wall, the elastic band allows you to hang the mask and tubing for storage, drying or to keep the tubing in place overnight.

    CPAPology Joey Tube Clips


    CPAPology's Joey Tubing Clips have a clip that attaches to clothing, bedding or other soft surfaces to restrict tubing movement when you move.