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    Manufacturer: Resmed

    AirMini 20W Power Supply

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    The AirMini 20W power supply allows you to power your AirMini from most wall outlets with an external wall charger.

    Length: 1.9m (6')

    Weight: 204g (7.2 oz)

    Product specifications

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    Airmini filters (2/pk)

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    These standard AirMini filters prevent fine particles and dirt from entering your device and ultimately, your airways. These filters are disposable and are not suitable for washing. We recommend you change your filter every 4-6 months.

    Cleaning wipes Purdoux Citrus scented (70 wipes)


    Wipes scented with grapefruit and lemon which facilitate the daily cleaning of your equipment in order to maintain the tightness of the mask. Effectively remove dirt, grease, body oils and other organic residues.

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    AirMini flexible tubing

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    Replacement tubing for the Resmed AirMini device. The length is 1.9 m (6') and the internal diameter is 15 mm.