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    Manufacturer: Resmed

    AirFit F10 Face Mask


    Small, lightweight and comfortable, the AirFit F10 Face Mask is easy to put on and take off, with a minimal design that covers less of your face and reduces marks on your skin. This mask is quiet thanks to its circular air vents that move air away from your face.

    Mouth breathing

    Product details

    Key features

    Extremely comfortable and stable

    • The Spring Air dual-walled pillow is gentle on your skin.
    • Its SoftEdge headgear is designed to limit marks on your face, while providing excellent support and seal.
    • Forehead support is not needed.

    Very practical

    • Its discreet rigid frame frees up the field of vision so you can read, for example.
    • Its quick-release lever makes it easy to disconnect the mask from the tubing if you need to get up during the night.

    Easy to use, easy to clean

    • Most people can set up the mask in less than two minutes thanks to its simple design.
    • Due to its limited number of parts (four) and headgear straps, it is easy to disassemble and clean.

    Ultra quiet to help you sleep

    • Its circular vents gently direct exhaled air away from you and your partner.

    Designed for women option

    • The AirFit F10 Face Mask for Her comes in a range of smaller sizes. 

    Product specifications

    FeaturesMouth breathing