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    Manufacturer: Kego Corp.

    Flex CPAP Hose Support System (Special Offer*)

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    Support system for the tube offers you greater freedom of movement during the night. Fewer leaks caused by tube tension. Less pressure on the face from the mask. Easy to assemble and dismantle, thanks to the easily foldable stem. Lightweight and compact system for easy transport.

    Included bonus with your purchase: a Jack holder. This holder is ideal for hanging the tube in the shower for drying purpose after cleaning.

    * SPECIAL OFFER: for a limited time, get an Essentials Kit for FREE (value of 24,99$) with the purchase of this foldable tube support system.

    Product details

    More freedom

    • Allows you to hang the tube above your bed and move freely during the night.
    • Saves you from having to wake up to adjust the mask or untangle the tube, and from disturbing your sleeping partner.

    More comfort

    • Reduces leakage caused by tension in the tube.
    • Reduces mask pressure on the face by keeping the tube elevated.

    More practical

    • The stem easily folds down, making it simple to assemble and dismantle. It only takes a few seconds.
    • The system is lightweight and compact and can be easily stored in the CPAP machine case when you travel.

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