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    Manufacturer: Resmed

    AirSense 11 Memory card

    excluding shipping

    4 GB SD memory card from Resmed.

    Compatible with AirSense 11, AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 devices.

    1-year warranty.

    Product specifications

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    Resmed AirSense 11 Autoset


    The AirSense 11 offers you effective therapy modes combined with enhanced digital health technology. You'll enjoy the ease of use, the comfort of sleep apnea treatment, and the many myAir features to get you started and keep you going throughout your treatment.

    Included with your purchase :

    • Buil-in humidifier, CLimateLine Air heated tubing, filter, built-in cellular modem* and carry bag
    • Programming of your device according to your prescription
    • Access to online tools on our sleep support page
    • 3-year manufacturer's warranty with the option of adding a 2-year Biron extended warranty on the device and humidifier  (legal warranty notice)

    *Memory card not included : Thanks to the built-in cellular modem, a memory card is not required for remote transmission on our clinical platforms. You can also consult your treatment usage directly on your device and via myAir.

    Are you buying a CPAP device for the very first time ? The support service is highly recommanded !

    The support service includes the following :

    • Personalized support and treatment follow-up
    • Digital pathway with access to numerous explanatory videos
    • Remote or in-person cnsultation with a respiratory therapist for 5 years
    • Evaluation and updating of your prescription and comfort settings
    • Downloading and transmission of your adherence reports to your doctor
    • On-treatment nocturnal saturometry (measurement of blood oxygen levels with your CPAP treatment) - Prescription required

    AirSense 11 Hypoallergenic Filters (Pack of 12)


    Hypoallergenic filters offer extra protection against dust and particles in the air. Recommended for people allergic to dust, pollen or smokers.The manufacturer recommends changing it every month for a better protection of your respiratory system and the unit itself. Please do not use more than one filter at a time. Do not wash with water or soap.

    Contains twelve (12) hypoallergenic filters.

    The Essentials Kit


    The Essentials Kit contains a pack of 70 scented cleaning wipes, specifically designed mask & hose soap (250 ml), a tube cleaning brush.

    PROMOTION: for a limited time, The Essentials Kit is FREE (limited to 1 per order) when you purchase a CPAP tube support and a CPAP pillow. All 3 items (tube support, pillow, The Essentials) must be purchased in the same order to qualify for the promotion.