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    WoodyKnows Snoring Relief Side-Sleeping Back Pillow

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    In some people, the soft tissues of the throat become blocked when they sleep on their back. The WoodyKnows Backpack is useful for people who snore or suffer from mild sleep apnea due to this supine position. It promotes side sleeping, which helps reduce snoring and some cases of sleep apnea.


    This product is not intended to replace CPAP therapy in patients with obstructive sleep apnea. A sleep diagnostic test is the best way to determine the severity of your sleep apnea and the most appropriate treatment. Please contact us via chat or phone for more information.


    Product details

    Easy to use

    Once inflated with air, just put it on like a backpack before going to sleep.

    Adjustable size

    The adjustable straps optimize your comfort.

    Safe and comfortable

    Prevents you from sleeping on your back and clears the airways to limit snoring.

    Lightweight and portable

    Can be stored easily and taken on trips, camping excursions and other outings. Does not require electricity.

    Durable and washable

    Made from polyester and polypropylene. Machine-washable.