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Philips Sleep Apnea Device Recall - Click here for details Philips Sleep Apnea Device Recall - Click here for details

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    Silent Night nasal mask liners

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    • Micro Pillow fabric technology designed to significantly reduce air leakage.
    • Antibacterial/antimicrobial fabric is treated to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fabric deterioration caused by mold.
    • Easy to handle, designed not to curl and fits snugly over the mask.
    • Soft, cushioned fabric improves nasal bridge comfort.
    • The risk of developing pressure marks while using your CPAP mask can be reduced.

    Easy to use

    • Attach the liner to your CPAP mask with repositionable Quick Stick tabs.
    • Adjust liner positioning by simply removing and reattaching the Quick Stick tabs.
    • Keeps the mask cleaner and reduces mask cleaning time.
    • Remove the liner to wash the mask and replace it for use.

    Product details

    Each package contains four (4) liners.

    The manufacturer recommends using a new liner after 6-8 days of use.

    Product specifications