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    Manufacturer: Philips Respironics

    Dreamstation Expert by Philips Respironics


    The  DreamStation Expert boasts a sleek, user-friendly design with technology that reduces pressure during exhalation and gradually adapts to your treatment. With advanced event detection and unparalleled ease of use and comfort, this device is built to help you sleep better.

    Included with your purchase: modular humidifier, 2m (6 ft) heated tubing, cellular modem, Bluetooth, carrying bag, memory card to store your data, filter.


    Product details

    Services included with your purchase

    • Configuration of your device according to your prescription
    • Remote consultation with a respiratory therapist
    • 5-year warranty on the device and humidifier
    • Remote data monitoring
    • Exclusive access to the AMI platform, Biron’s customer support portal
    • Free report downloads
    • Personalized support at more than 40 Biron points of service in Quebec

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    Key features

    • Travel with ease

      Travelling with the DreamStation Expert is a breeze because the device can be used without the humidifier. Perfect for a short stay and for travelling light.
    • Adjusts to your sleep rhythm

      DreamStation Expert follows your sleep rhythm by starting treatment gently at low pressure and gradually increasing once you’re asleep.
    • Evaluate your sleep remotely

      Communicating with your therapist is easy with the DreamStation Expert, thanks to the device’s integrated connectivity that monitors and evaluates your sleep remotely. Your data can be checked every morning right on the device or via its online tracking platform.
    • Track and troubleshoot remotely

      Using integrated Bluetooth technology and the included cellular modem, you can remotely track and troubleshoot any event that may arise.
    • Monitor Your Progress

      Every morning, you can check your progress and the effectiveness of your treatment through the therapy information menu or via the DreamMapper app, compatible with Apple and Android devices.
    • Adjusts automatically

    • The DreamStation Expert has important automatic optimization features, such as customized positive pressure and pressure level adjustment, which can be turned on or off, depending on your prescriptions and recommendations from your respiratory therapist. For example, if a doctor prescribes a change to your treatment for a specific number of days, the device will automatically adjust to the ideal pressure following an analysis of your AutoCPAP use.

    Product specifications

    Available modesCPAP, AutoCPAP, C-Check
    Weight• Without humidifier: 1,33 kg (2,94 lbs) • With humidifier: 1,98 kg (4,37 lbs)
    Dimensions29,7 x 19,3 x 8,4 cm (11,7 x 7,6 x 3,3 in.)
    Sound level27 dB
    Expiratory reliefC-Flex+, A-Flex+, P-Flex
    Auto startYes
    Water chamber maximal capacity325 mL
    Devices / Humidifier Warranty5 years
    Parts warranty (tubing, water chamber)3 months
    Operating altitudeAuto adjusting up to 2286 meters (7500')
    Storage / Transport Temperature-20 °C to +60 °C (-4 °F to +140 °F)
    Data storageMemory card
    ConnectivityCellular (3G/4G), Bluetooth
    220 Volts compatibilityYes