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    D r e a m s t a t i o n 2 [R e c a l l R e p l a c e m e n t]


    The Dreamstation 2 is the next evolution in clinically proven, integrated sleep solutions.

    Included : Filter, humidifier, no-heated hose (6ft), cleanable water chamber, built-in modem, carrying case.

    Please note that due to the high number of orders for this product, the delivery time is working days.

    Availability: Out of stock (the date of return to inventory is undetermined)

    Product details

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    Key features

    Design that fits your life

    Color touch screen with button to start therapy.

    Tools to help you acclimate with ease

    The DreamStation  features a set of tools to help you gradually acclimate to therapy. This includes Ramp Plus technology, which allows you to fall asleep to lower pressures while monitoring your breathing throughout the night.

    Bluetooth connectivity lets you track your progress

    Integrated Bluetooth and a cellular modem are standard on every DreamStation Pro, allowing you to collect and review your sleep data. Each morning you’ll receive a summary of your progress, letting you focus on the benefits of your therapy.

    Product specifications

    Available modesCPAP, AutoCPAP, C-Check
    Weight1,34 kg (2,94 lbs)
    Dimensions25,7 cm x 15,9 cm x 8,9 cm
    Operating pressure4-20 cmh2o
    Sound level30.5 dB
    Expiratory reliefC-Flex+, A-Flex+, P-Flex
    Auto startYes
    RampAuto and adjustable from 5 to 45 minutes
    Water chamber maximal capacity325 mL
    Devices / Humidifier Warranty3 years
    Parts warranty (tubing, water chamber)3 months
    Operating altitudeAutomatic
    Storage / Transport Temperature-20 °C to +60 °C (-4 °F to +140 °F)
    Data storageOptionnal memory card (not included)
    ConnectivityCellular (3G/4G), Bluetooth
    220 Volts compatibilityYes