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    A i r S e n s e 11 C P A P


    The AirSense 11 CPAP offers you effective therapy modes combined with enhanced digital health technology. You'll enjoy the ease of use, the comfort of sleep apnea treatment, and the many myAir features to get you started and keep you going throughout your treatment.

    Included with your purchase : built-in humidifier, ClimateLine Air heated tubing, built-in cellular modem*, carrying bag and (1) standard filter.

    * Memory card not included. The memory card is only useful for physical data backup. Its absence does not prevent the transmission of remote data on our clinical platforms. You can view your treatment usage directly on your device or via myAir.

    Cleaning wipes Purdoux Citrus scented (70 wipes)


    Wipes scented with grapefruit and lemon which facilitate the daily cleaning of your equipment in order to maintain the tightness of the mask. Effectively remove dirt, grease, body oils and other organic residues.

    This product must be ordered in multiples of three (3). Get an instant discount of :

    • 10% with the purchase of three (3) or more
    • 15% with the purchase of six (6) or more
    • 20% with the purchase of twelve (12) or more

    Standard Filters (Pack of 12)


    Replacement filters for Air Sense 11.

    The standard filter is the one included when purchasing a CPAP unit. The manufacturer recommends changing it every month for a better protection of your respiratory system and the unit itself. Please do not use more than one filter at a time. Do not wash with water or soap.

    Contains twelve (12) filters.