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    Best in Rest Levätä Weighted Blanket (20 lb)


    Levätä is a high-end 20 lb (9 kg) weighted blanket designed to gently and comfortably reduce stress while improving sleep quality.

    Designed to reduce stress and anxiety, the weighted blanket alleviates insomnia by providing faster, deeper sleep, reproducing the comforting sensation of an enveloping cuddle. Its adapted weight (around 7 to 13% of body weight*) activates the main pressure points to effectively relax the nervous system. It can even provide relief from restless legs syndrome.

    • Made with non-toxic, stable, lead-free, weighted glass microbeads
    • Removable plush cover
    • 100% cotton and breathable fabric for maximum comfort
    • Uses deep pressure stimulation to help impr7ove sleep quality, agitation and anxiety
    • Weighted to provide even pressure throughout the body
    • Designed with 7 layers to offer the highest quality

    For hygiene reasons, this product is non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

    Choice One Medical